2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

Welcome to our third annual Corporate Responsibility Report, showcasing our performance related to responsible business practices with customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and the communities where we work.
Jim Smith
Thomson Reuters

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility

Being a responsible and ethical business is written in Thomson Reuters heritage and remains highly relevant for us today. Our Trust Principles are overseen and assured by an independent body and are a key part of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and guide the behavior of every employee.

Trust, ethics and integrity are not only the fundamentals of our business but also the basis of our Corporate Responsibility (CR) approach. With the evolution of our business in 2013, and with an on-going focus on innovation and collaboration, our CR policies and flagship programs in the areas of marketplace, workplace and citizenship are helping us to identify and capture business opportunities, as well as reduce risks.

Interest in CR and sustainable business is shifting both internally and externally. We are seeing a greater number of customer requests for sustainability-related information and data to help them deliver value. And our colleagues are increasingly motivated and engaged by CR activities that are a distinctive part of our organizational culture.

Governance and management

We have an embedded governance structure, building on the system we put in place in 2011. Our governance roundtable is made up of representatives from across the business and has oversight of our key charitable activities and is updated on the latest projects and initiatives for feedback throughout the year.

Engaging our stakeholders

Listening to our customers and employees is a focus across the business and especially so for CR. It’s important that we understand their expectations, and those of the rest of our stakeholders, regarding the role our business can play in shaping the external agenda.

Our main stakeholder groups include employees, customers, suppliers and partners, opinion formers (NGOs, media and CR professionals), policy makers (national and international governments and regulators) and investors. Individuals and teams across our business engage with these stakeholders on a regular basis and our Materiality Matrix identifies CR related risks, opportunities and impacts for our business.

Corporate Responsibility wheel

Our CR wheel, a visual representation of our approach, is divided into three main areas.

  • Payroll giving
  • Matched giving
  • Community investments
  • Dollars for Doers
  • Community Champion Awards
  • Volunteering
  • Accelus
  • Asset 4
  • CR index
  • ION
  • Lanworth
  • Point Carbon
  • Trust Index
  • World-Check
  • Zoological record
  • Sustainability on
  • thomsonreuters.com


Delivering intelligent information for long term value.



Building a highly skilled, diverse workforce for sustained success.



Supporting communities where we live and work to create a better future for all.